086-0523 Caterpillar 086-0523: Pin

086-0523 086-0523: Pin Caterpillar
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Описание 086-0523: Pin:

Cat® Pin

Pins are heavy duty service components for Cat work tools. Quality you expect for your equipment.

• Hardened steel pin
• Chrome plated
• OD: 64.77 mm (2.55 in)
• Length: 410 mm (16.14 in)
• For use with M14 hardware

Service component for bucket linkages and work tool couplers on Cat heavy duty equipment. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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312C 320D L 329D L 325D L 311D LRR 329D2 312D2 L 311B 313D2 320E 320E L 320B 311-A 323F L 322C 311F LRR 320D2 330B L 322B L 320-A 314E CR 313F GC 320C 312D2 GC 323D2 L 314D LCR 326F L 312B 312D 325B L 313F LGC 320B L 311C 313F L 325-A FM L 320D 329D 329F L 329D2 L 325C L 329E L 312E 312D2 320D2 L 325-A L 325C 312D L 326D2 L 322 L 312-A 322C FM 313D2 GC 313F 312F GC 329D LN 325-A 314C 330F L 325 L 315F LCR 324D L 330F 322B 312F 326F 320-A N 313B 320B N 314F CR 320 312C L 325B LN 312E L 320 L 326D2 324E L 330C L 320D LN 314D CR 314E LCR 323F 313D 318F L 325D 312B L 326F LN 320B S 329E LN 320E LN 329E 320-A L 313D2 LGP 324D 324E LN 320D2 GC 324E 322-A L

work tool
G185B PIN GRAB G112B G130B G115B G107B G125B G120B G145B G165B


329D2 320D 320D2 313D2 329D 324D 326D2

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