1P-1219 Caterpillar 1P-1219: Reusable Coupling

1P-1219 1P-1219: Reusable Coupling Caterpillar
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Описание 1P-1219: Reusable Coupling:

Cat® Reusable Hose Coupling (Straight)(Code 61)

All CODE 61 flange head hose couplings and adapter fittings meet or exceed SAE J518 CODE 61 requirements for hydraulic split flange connections. The CODE 61 flange head design can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 3000 to 5000 psi depending on size.

• Reusable hose coupling
• Straight
• -20 Code 61 flange
• Length: 139 mm (5.47 in)
• Cut-off factor: 79 mm (3.11 in)
• Head size: 50.8 mm (2.0 in)
• For use with 31.8 mm (1.25 in) ID hose
• Reusable couplings feature slim, collet-type style; multi-land fingers and stem (tapered); hardened steel sleeve; precision machined o-ring head; extruded stem and collet

Reusable coupling for use with wire reinforced high pressure hydraulic hose. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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