196-1665 Caterpillar 196-1665: Switch Assembly-Pressure

196-1665 196-1665: Switch Assembly-Pressure Caterpillar
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Описание 196-1665: Switch Assembly-Pressure:

Cat® Pressure Switch Assembly (Refrigerant Cutoff)

Cat pressure switch assemblies are designed to open or close based on the change in system set pressure. Cat components make certain that your equipment is operating at an optimal level.

• Aluminum pressure switch assembly with o-ring seal
• Male thread size: M11
• Thread length: 7.5 mm (0.29 in)
• Hex size: 27 mm (1.06 in)
• Overall length: 53 mm (2.08 in)

Typically used in air conditioning system of Cat machines. Cat components can operate in heavy-duty applications such as severe vibration, shock, extreme operating temperature ranges, thermal cycle, thermal shock, humidity, corrosion and excessive dust.

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material handler
M325D MH MH3024 MH3026 MH3022 M325D L MH MH3037

wheeled excavator
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345C 349D2 336D L 330D LN 325D L 345D L 326D2 324D LN 329D L M325D MH 374D L 365C 336D2 L 345C MH 320C 345C L 330D 324D L 349D L 330D L 345D 322C M315F 329D2 349D2 L 330D2 345D L VG 329D2 L 324D 330D2 L 336D2 325D 329D LN M325D L MH 330D MH 326D L 336D LN 329D 340D L 326D2 L 328D LCR 336D2 GC 325D MH 336D 365C L MH M318F 349D 365C L 340D2 L M317F


336D2 349D2 329D2 326D2 336D 324D

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