241-7280 Caterpillar 241-7280: Bearing-Sleeve

241-7280 241-7280: Bearing-Sleeve Caterpillar
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Описание 241-7280: Bearing-Sleeve:

Cat® Sleeve Bearing (Heavy Duty)

Machine linkage sleeve bearings support rotational movement between machine frames, linkages and work tools. They are found mostly in the arms, links, and cylinders of machines. Genuine Cat Pins and Sleeve Bearings are specifically designed to operate as a system to deliver the performance you expect. Caterpillar design engineers match the right combination of dimensions, materials, surface finish, and manufacturing processes to each part to enable them to work and wear effectively with all the other neighboring and dependent parts.

• Steel sleeve bearing
• OD: 116.23 mm (4.576 in)
• ID: 100.216 mm (3.946 in)
• Length mm: 110 (4.331 in)
• With internal grooves and cross holes

Cat Bearings are designed for conditions that require demand and load strength for longer bearing life. Cat Flanged Bearings are the top choice for maximum performance in demanding applications. They are designed to match to the mating pin.
Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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