124-1108 Caterpillar 124-1108: Clip

124-1108 124-1108: Clip Caterpillar
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Описание 124-1108: Clip:

Cat® Clip (One Tube Half)

Cat Clips and Clamps are not your standard off the shelf clips and clamps. Cat clips and clamps are another great Built For It product.

• Clamping diameter: 51.6 mm (2.03 in)
• Fastener size: M14 or 1/2 in
• Cat Clips and Clamps are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity
• Strength & Quality – Clips and Clamps meet or exceed, ANSI, ASTM and DIN requirements
• Cat Clips, Clamps and fasteners work together as a system for maximum reliability and safety to our customer base.
• This part is perfect to stock your small repair shop and or field service vehicles.
• Coatings that meet special requirements for different applications (RoHS compliant)

Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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